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Your case will be reviewed by a seasoned practitioner with over 

30 years of clinical and academic experience, having earned a Master's degree in Epidemiology.  

  • After review, we can render medical opinions about your case.


Our Approach

We assist the attorney by enhancing case value and saving attorney time.

Our approach is to carefully review your client's medical damages. 

Your settlement demand will now reflect all the appropriate evaluation & treatment your client deserves, reinforced by our written review. 

  • We render medical opinions in our reports.  They are supported by references from the medical literature.  


How do you benefit from using Southeast PMLC ?

  • Our fees have been kept reasonable.  We want to allow you to consult with us without adding to your budgetary concerns in the case.  Our business model makes physician consultation affordable in almost all your cases.
  • We can prepare a Standard of Care Review.  
  • We can also provide researched Answers to Specific Medical Questions for your cases.
  • Consider, how much time and money do you want to spend if the medical issues are not really significant?  We can help you evaluate that, also. 


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